Special Uses

Perfect for Flower Gardens

Revive Granules are perfect for use in flower gardens. Many customers are amazed at the results in their flower production. We recommend using Revive Granules during planting and every 5-6 weeks throughout the growing season. Just sprinkle some down around the base of the plants and water in!

Seeding or Sodding

Use Revive on any seeding or sodding projects in your yard. Revive will act as a root stimulator and encourage those new roots to get anchored quicker and deeper into the soil. Revive was actually tested on new sod a few years ago and the results showed after just a few weeks, the roots where deeper and the top growth was taller & more lush than the non-treated areas. You can use either Revive granules or Revive liquid for these projects and can apply it immediately after sowing the seed or laying the sod. No wait time is needed, in fact the sooner the better. We also recommend a follow-up application about 3-4 weeks later just ensure success.

Fairy Rings

Revive liquid can help with controlling Fairy Rings. Often times within the ring itself, the soil becomes hydrophobic and Revive liquid will combat this problem. First you can puncture the area where the dead grass and/or mushrooms is showing up with a pitch fork or hand-held aerator. Then hold the spray nozzle of the Revive bottle directly on the grass to apply a generous amount. Go very slowly over this area and don't worry, you can't burn using Revive this way. You can disconnect the water hose and come back over the area with some additional water to help wash the Revive into the soil. Do this about every 4 weeks during the season and the Fairy Ring should disappear.