Application and Spreader Settings

HOSE END SPRAYERS (1 Gallon covers 4000 square feet)

ORTHO HOSE END SPRAYER: It takes 32 ounces of Revive to cover 1000 square feet. Set your Ortho sprayer on the highest setting or ratio which is 8 ounces / gallon. Therefore to spray 32 ounces of Revive your sprayer will have to apply approximately 4 gallons of spray solution. The sprayer puts out approximately 2 gallons / minute and most people normally spray about 1000 square feet / minute. This will require a normal person to walk very slow or possibly make two trips to apply the desired amount.


Mix 8 ounces of REVIVE with 1 gallon of water. Treat dry spots and water in.

Try Revive Ready Spray Liquid

GRANULAR SPREADERS (1 bag covers 5000 square feet)  With hundreds of spreaders on the market, the general rule of thumb is to open your spreader to 1/3 open.  i.e. if your highest spreader setting is a 15, then set your spreader to a 5 for Revive.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Settings are approximate due to walking speed and overlap. Water in heavily on your next scheduled watering day. Moderate over-application of Revive will not burn or hurt your lawn. Reapply every 4 weeks during severe heat and drought or as conditions warrant.