Revive for Commercial Use

Lawn Care Operators, Ground Maintenance Managers, and Golf Course Superintendents have found the value of adding Revive into their agronomic programs. 

Revive can solve many different turf problems associated with LDS (localized dry spots), soil compaction, heat and drought stress, and iron chlorosis caused by poor soils, inclement weather, and soil compaction due to excessive use. Hundreds of turf professionals have achieved desirable results while saving money over the cost of other wetting agents, soil enzyme products, supplemental iron treatments, and humate type products. 

Revive II is our liquid formulation which is more than double the concentration of our retail product thus saving costs incurred with shipping. Each 5 gallon pail per pallet covers 50,000 square feet. For large users, Revive II liquid can be shipped in 200-250 gallon totes.

Revive granules are sold by the pallet or ton and are available in 40 # bags which cover 8,000 square feet per bag.

Many LCO’s have found Revive applications will reduce cancellation rates and service calls for those problem summer-time brown spot complaints. Others have also found the value in offering a Revive application as a supplemental service increase their revenues without the cost of adding new customers.

Revive’s ability to solve troublesome problems, reduce water consumption saving money on water bills, and providing you or your customers a greener turf makes for a desirable option not found in other products. Please call our office 888-973-8483 for commercial pricing, minimum quantities, and shipping information.